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A "Monkey Visit" 

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"Lifetime Celebration!"

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*SunShine MonkeyShines*

31 years of

Education through Entertainment with real monkeys, and remember:

We Truly Make Memories That Will Last Forever,

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see Monkeys, Monkeys, And More Monkeys,

Because We Are

 *SunShine MonkeyShines*

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The Talented


and his beautiful wife


and their

"Monkey Companions''

          "Peanut and Link​"


With His *Louie and Leroy*

and Their Very Special


We know everyone will enjoy seeing their new type of showmanship for our unique business. 

Their monkeys do the larger types of events such as: Fairs, Festivals, TV/Video, Movies and Print Productions too!  Please read more about their monkey presentations on

(Jesse's Shows.)

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